Day 1UshuaiaEmbark and greet your fellow adventurers
Days 2 & 3At SeaCrossing the Drake Passage
Days 4 - 6Antarctic Sound and Weddell SeaTabular icebergs, penguins, seals, seabirds, humpback whales
Days 7 - 8Antarctic PeninsulaStaggering natural beauty, Gerlache Strait, Wilhelmina Bay, Lemaire Channel
Day 9South Shetland IslandsColonies of gentoo and chinstrap penguins
Days 10 - 11At SeaCrossing the Drake Passage back, reflect on the voyage
Day 12UshuaiaDisembark after your incredible adventure
Magellan Explorer Antarctic Peninsula


Ocean Victory

Ocean Victory commenced voyages November 2021 and was established as one of the most modern small ship vessels in the market.

This stylish cruise ship is ideally suited for our business model of small ship expeditions and is deployed and dedicated to varied Antarctic region voyages.

With a total of 93 comfortable staterooms for our guests, all with a view of the ocean, (and 90% with their own balcony), several restaurants, a wellness area, an Albatros Nordic Bar, an open deck dining facility, a modern lecture lounge, and other amenities, the vessel is also environmentally-friendly onboard, with an implementation of the Green Initiative Program, ensuring both absolute comfort and sustainability for our guests.

Ocean Albatros
Ocean Victory

The Ocean Albatros, completed in 2022, has a revolutionary X-bow design for more stability and comfort along with being environmentally considerate in all aspects. A total of 93 cabins can accommodate up to 189 guests, all featuring ocean views, 90% with their own balconies. Two restaurants serve up high-quality cuisine along with a Nordic inspired bar to spend your nights enjoying the incredible Antarctic scenery passing you by. Fill in your time at sea with visits to the wellness area (with a gym and a spa), listen to lectures in the modern lecture lounge and soak up the sun (with your coat on) on the open deck dining facility. The Ocean Albatros is part of a new generation of low-energy vessels with 4 diesel engines and 2 electro engines, all controlled electronically to optimise speed and fuel consumption.

Day 1 Ushuaia


Arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina – the world’s southernmost city. Explore this vibrant Patagonian city, or stretch your legs in the surrounding forests. Alternatively, consider a day trip off the beaten path into the raw nature of Tierra del Fuego. The island of Tierra del Fuego is a hiker’s paradise with rugged snow-capped mountains, glaciers, flower-filled meadows and rich boggy wetlands. In the afternoon, board your vessel waiting to welcome you in port.

Days 2 & 3 At Sea

Bird at Sea

As you sail through the renowned Drake Passage, linking Patagonia to the Antarctic Peninsula, brace yourself for its notoriously turbulent waters and fierce westerly winds, aptly called the Roaring Fifties. Thankfully, the purpose-built expedition vessels ensure a comfortable journey, with their uniquely stable X-Bow and powerful engines, guided by an expert crew.

On the third day, you’ll cross the Antarctic Convergence, marked by a sudden drop in temperature as warmer currents give way to Antarctic waters. This transition fosters a surge in marine life, promising sightings of petrels, albatrosses, and possibly even penguins, seals, and whales.

Days 4 – 6 Antarctic Sound and Weddell Sea


In the forthcoming days, our expedition ventures into the captivating region at the northeastern tip of the continent, the Antarctic Sound, gateway to the Weddell Sea. This area boasts some of Antarctica’s most striking scenery, from the vast Adelie Penguin colonies at Hope Bay and Devil’s Island, to the dramatic volcanic cliffs at Brown Bluff. You will encounter immense tabular icebergs and the expansive icepack which nurtures Antarctic krill, the foundation of the food chain. The presence of krill attracts a diverse array of wildlife, including penguins, seals, seabirds, and humpback whales, all of which we hope to see while exploring this icy wilderness.

Days 7 – 8 Antarctic Peninsula

In the days ahead, we venture further west along the Antarctic Peninsula. The Gerlache Strait, consisting of the ‘spine’ of the Antarctic Peninsula and a large number of mountainous glaciated islands, offers a plethora of iconic Antarctic experiences. From Zodiac cruises in Paradise Bay, to witnessing penguins nesting on Cuverville Island, each potential stop promises awe-inspiring encounters. Explore historic huts at Damoy Point, witness humpback whales in Wilhelmina Bay, and marvel at the jaw-dropping scenery of the Lemaire Channel. Wherever you go on the Antarctic Peninsula, endemic wildlife, tantalising history and breathtaking natural beauty abound.

Day 9 South Shetland Islands

South Shetland Islands

The South Shetland archipelago represents the northernmost tip of Antarctica, standing proud against the relentless force of the Southern Ocean. Despite the furious elements, the islands boast a remarkable richness of wildlife, with numerous colonies of Gentoo and Chinstrap Penguins dotting the island shores, accompanied by an array of formidable seabirds like the predatory Giant Petrels.

Days 10 – 11 At Sea

Bird on the Scotia Sea

Depart Antarctica, and spend two days at sea on our way northwards back across the infamous Drake Passage, heading towards the more welcoming shores of the Beagle Channel and Ushuaia, Argentina. Relax with an expertly crafted cocktail in the Nordic Bar in the company of new friends, soak up the knowledge and passion of our Expedition Team during lectures in the Shackleton Lounge, or simply enjoy the flight of the albatross which accompany us northwards.

Day 12 Ushuaia, Disembarkation

Ushuaia Port, Argentina

On the morning of the final day of your voyage, arrive back at the pier of Ushuaia, Argentina. Trees, grass and a bustling city may seem strange to you after the white wilderness of Antarctica! After a hearty breakfast, it is time to bid a fond farewell to the crew, and descend the gangway back to dry land with memories of the voyage of a lifetime.

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