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Introduction to Antarctic Cruises
Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands

Antarctic cruises to the Antarctic Peninsula, South Georgia  and the Falkland Islands are amazing experiences. We have hand-picked vessels and operators that we know well and trust to provide you with a holiday of a lifetime.


This website is intended simply to be your starting point, to provide you with some tantalising ideas, lots of inspiration and our recommendations of which ship, voyage and time of the Antarctic season (late October to March) to visit.  We then invite you to call, or come in and see us, and let us create an innovative and exciting itinerary, tailored entirely to suit your personal requirements and expectations for your Antarctic cruise.


Here you’ll find a small number of the highlights (there are far too many to include them all) and options you can add to your trip, during the voyage and before and after; we advise you to add things before your voyage, as after they just don’t seem quite as magical (it’s hard to compare expeiences with the many wonder of a trip to the Great White Continent.

Antarctic Cruises

Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Cruises

The Antarctic Peninsula reaches out toward the South American continent and is a haven for wildlife. On an Antarctic cruise to the Peninsula you can expect to see breaching whales, penguin colonies, seals, spectacular tabular icebergs and pristine untouched landscapes. Setting foot on the 7th continent is sometimes a bucket list item for many and at each landing site we aim to get passengers off the ship and exploring with our highly trained and passionate expedition leaders. Zodiac cruising is also a fascinating way to view the icebergs and glaciers in the region and sometimes you will be greeted by curious whales breaching nearby. The photo opportunities are endless and experiencing true silence is a rarely found novelty.

Falkland Islands

falkland-islands-antarctic cruises

The sub-Antarctic island group of the Falkland Islands has much to offer. Voyages that visit the Falklands on route to South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula are between 18 and 22 nights in duration and, far more than just a convenient break in the crossing to South Georgia, the islands are a highlight of any of these voyages. The wonderful landscape, often pastures and rolling hills, is reminiscent of more northern climes than of the sub-Antarctic (at least on a warm day!) and offers some great walks. There are many scattered reminders of the 1982 Falklands War (referred to locally as ‘the conflict’) and an excellent museum in Port Stanley details the events of this recent history. But it is the wildlife that is usually the high point of any visit here: five species of penguins, two endemic bird species – the Falklands flightless steamer duck and Cobb’s wren – as well as sea lions and elephant seals. The island group is of global significance for three bird species, having 40% of the world’s Southern Giant petrels, 30% of its Gentoo penguins and 65% of the world’s Black-browed albatrosses. Contact us today to discuss your Antarctic cruise.

South Georgia

Antarctic Cruise

If you are a keen wildlife enthusiast then an Antarctic cruise to South Georgia would likely be at the top of your Bucket List. Often referred to as ‘the most staggering wildlife show on earth’ this small archipelago rears up from the Southern Ocean to a height of almost 3,000 metres and is home to millions of birds. The rugged landscape forms a dramatic backdrop to the many beaches and coves which are home to millions of penguins and petrels, thousands of elephant and fur seals and hundreds of albatrosses.

We will tailor the perfect holiday to suit your needs.