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 Alana  Cinzia  Hayley  Jennifer  Rachel

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 Antarctic Peninsula South Georgia Falkland Islands

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Please rate your impression of local services used while you were travelling prior to or after your Antarctic voyage

Local Services: Poor Average Good Very Good Excellent
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Buses  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Trains  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
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Local Representatives  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Local Guides  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent

Comments: Please tell us about any standout experiences (positive and negative) while you were travelling

Your Antarctic Ship & Voyage

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Arrival/Safety & Environmental briefings  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Presentations during your voyage  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Zodiac excursions and shore landings  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Your cabin  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Bar onboard ship  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Meals onboard ship  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent

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Expedition Staff

How did you rate the Expedition team aboard your voyage?

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Knowledge  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Approachability  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Communication  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Enthusiasm  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Overall  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent

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Activities Poor Average Good Very Good Excellent
Kayaking/Camping - other activity (if participated)  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Tour Leader  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Equipment provided  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent

Our Services

Please rate your impression of the service you received from the Antarctic Travel Centre staff (or your agent) and the quality of the travel documentation provided by us.

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Professionalism & courtesy  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Knowledge of destinations & associated travel  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Content of itinerary  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Pre-departure information  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent
Final documentation  Poor  Average  Good  Very Good  Excellent

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