Antarctica, South Georgia and Falkland Islands




Day 1Buenos Aires, ArgentinaArrive at your hotel for your one-night stay
Day 2Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, ArgentinaFly to Ushuaia and board the ship
Day 3 & 4At Sea Look for albatross, prions, and petrels that follow the ship
Days 5 - 10AntarcticaPortal Point, Lemaire Channel, Deception Island, Fournier Bay, incredible wildlife
Days 11 & 12At Sea Relax, look for bird life and whales
Days 13 - 15South GeorgiaFortuna Bay, Salisbury Plain, Stromness, Grytviken, Cooper Bay, Drygalski Fjord
Days 16 & 17At SeaEnjoy your suite or head out on the Observation Deck
Days 18 & 19Falkland IslandsPort Stanley, penguins, albatross, elephant and fur seals
Days 20 - 22At SeaReflect on the magic of the Southern Ocean and the life that calls it home
Day 23UshuaiaYour voyage ends after breakfast



The Scenic Eclipse I was launched in 2018. She is a purpose built luxury ship designed with very high standards to explore the Polar regions.  She is Polar Class 6-rated, featuring a strengthened hull, forward bow thrusters, and a cutting-edge electronic Azipod propulsion system for comfortable and secure navigation. She also has customised stabilisers, ensuring greater stability on the open sea. Scenic Eclipse I also operates an Advanced Wastewater Treatment system and highly effective engines to reduce emissions, noise, and vibrations, safeguarding the pristine environments we visit.

Day 1 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Latin passion and European romance define the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, a dynamic city known for its wide-ranging architectural styles, contemporary and historical arts, and culinary experiences. The crew will warmly greet you as you seamlessly board Scenic Eclipse. Settle into your luxurious suite and acquaint yourself with the world-class facilities of your Discovery Yacht. Toast the start of your voyage as you sail away from South America.

Day 2 Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, Argentina

Ushuaia Port, Argentina

Your journey begins as you fly from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia, known as the southernmost city in the world. The crew will warmly greet you as you seamlessly board Scenic Eclipse. Settle into your luxurious suite and acquaint yourself with the world-class facilities of your Discovery Yacht. Toast the start of your voyage as you sail away from South America and cruise through the Beagle Channel. Admire the dramatic views of the Andean mountains of Tierra del Fuego from the comfort of your private verandah.

Days 3 – 4 At Sea

Albatross at Sea

As we begin sailing towards the subantarctic islands, the crew on board will share practical information about your polar expedition. Relax and enjoy the bars, lounges, dining, and wellness facilities, or get out on the Observation Deck to look for albatross, prions, and petrels that follow the ship.

Days 5 – 10 Antarctic Peninsula

rachel penguins resize

Arriving in Antarctica for the first time is unlike anything you have experienced before. Welcome to a challenging, unpredictable, and stunningly beautiful environment that always finds a way to surprise you.

Included in your Expedition Voyage are incredible activities such as Zodiac excursions, landings, and hikes. You can also go kayaking and stand-up paddle boarding.

Landing locations are dependent on the ice and weather conditions. Your experienced Captain and specialist Discovery Team will use their expertise to design your voyage from day to day. Some places you may visit include:

Portal Point – Previously a British refuge hut, you will get the opportunity to walk up to see panoramic views from the snow-covered mountains surrounding you

Lemaire Channel – Pass through the 11-kilometre-long channel, just 700 metres wide at its narrowest point, and be amazed at the dramatic rocky mountains and icebergs

Deception Island – One of the only places in the world that ships can sail directly into the centre of a submerged caldera of an active volcano. The island is also home to a few small scientific outposts and hundreds of thousands of chinstrap penguins. Walk along the ash-covered beaches.

Fournier Bay – Mount Francis, the tallest mountain in Antarctica. Explore the remnants of a derelict whaling station and a vacant British base or climb to the rim of a volcanic crater.

Enjoy the chance to visit areas alive with wildlife such as penguins, seals, and whales. If conditions are favourable, there may be the opportunity to cross the Antarctic Circle. You may get to partake in the Polar Plunge, a once in a lifetime opportunity, in which those brave enough jump into the freezing Antarctic waters.

Days 11 – 12 At Sea

Albatross at Sea

Sailing towards South Georgia gives you time to slow to the rhythm of the sea. Enjoy your time to relax and be entranced by the many seabirds you’ll encounter on your way. You may decide to join the avid whale watchers hoping to get a glimpse of one of these giant mammals or simply contemplate the vastness of the ocean from your private verandah while your butler pours you your favourite drink.

Days 13 – 15 South Georgia

Fortuna Bay King Penguins
Grytviken south georgia

South Georgia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world. During your time here, the expert team on board will design a unique itinerary around weather and ice conditions to show you South Georgia’s immense wildlife and stunning landscapes. While it remains permanently uninhabited by humans, it is home to an abundance of wildlife, including king penguins, albatross, as well as elephant and fur seals.

Over the next several days, you have a chance to visit the following sites:

Fortuna Bay – Offering both teeming wildlife viewing and a wonderful panorama from its beach of jagged summit peaks and the remarkable expanse of the Konig Glacier, it is home to a large population of king penguin, Antarctic fur seal, elephant seal, brown skua, giant petrel, and Antarctic tern.

Salisbury Plain – Visit the world’s second largest king penguin colony, with more than 250,000 of them. Large amounts of elephant and fur seals are also found along the 3km long pebble beach, moving between the clusters of wildlife.

Stromness – Visit this deserted whaling village, the saving grace for Sir Ernest Shackleton and his companions.

Grytviken – The final resting place of Antarctic explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton. Visit his grave, learn about his famous expedition and make a toast, paying respects to the great explorer. You can still see the remnants of the old whaling stations.

Cooper Bay – Explore by Zodiac while watching for Giant petrels and brown skuas as they soar around above, or look into the kelp forests for playful fur seals. Onshore, admire the many seals as you climb a short but steep hill to find a macaroni penguin colony hidden among tussock grasses.

Drygalski Fjord – Sheer, snow-covered walls lined the fjord on either side as icebergs and bergy bits gently float by the ship as you watch.

Days 16 – 17 At Sea

At Sea

After days of exploration, take a moment to yourself in your luxuriously-appointed suite. Head out on the Observation Deck to watch for seabirds, such as the wandering albatross with the largest wingspan of any flying bird. Alternatively, watch for the blow of a whale in the distance.

Days 18 – 19 Falkland Islands

Red houses Stanley island

Remote and sparsely populated, the Falkland Islands are a wildlife lover’s paradise. You will visit several of the outer islands, where large colonies of penguins and albatross thrive. Fur seals and elephant seals roam sandy beaches, while the surrounding waters are home to whales and dolphins.

The world’s largest population of Gentoo penguins is found here, in addition to other penguin species such as King, Magellanic and rockhopper penguins. You can also find the black- browed albatross, plus the Cobb’s wren and the Falkland’s flightless steamer duck which are both endemic bird species.

During your time in the Falkland Islands, you will also be likely to visit Port Stanley, the capital of the archipelago on East Falkland. Since its colonisation in the 18th century, the ownership of the Falkland Islands has been clouded in controversy between French, British, Spanish and Argentina. In 1982, the Falklands War resulted in this remote outpost and the islands remaining part of the British Commonwealth. Visit an array of local shops and see incredible landscapes such as the Christ Church Cathedral with its whalebone arch, or maybe even stop in at an English pub to share a pint with the friendly locals.

Days 20 – 22 At Sea

Drake Sunset

Take the time to reflect on the remarkable sights of the world’s southernmost continent, including thousands of penguins, countless seals and whales, Antarctica-only birdlife and endless expanses of ice. Join your fellow passengers and relive every moment that sparked joy over the last three weeks as you sail towards Buenos Aires.

Day 23 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Your voyage ends this morning as you farewell the crew. Disembark, taking away memories of a truly unforgettable experience.

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