Day 1Hobart, Australia or Dunedin, New ZealandTasmanian capital, galleries and restaurants, embark
Day 2 - 3At SeaEnjoy lectures and the facilities of the ship
Day 4Macquarie IslandMillions of tuxedoed, eyebrowed, golden-crowned, king, rockhopper, gentoo and endemic royal penguins
Days 5 - 6At SeaRelax in your suite or get out on the deck as you make your way to Antarctica
Days 7 - 8Balleny IslandsYoung and Sturge Island, many species of whales, seals and penguins
Days 9 - 17Antarctica's Ross Sea RegionIcebergs, wandering albatross, Polar Plunge, history, jagged cliffs, incredible wildlife
Days 18 - 23At SeaEdit images, reflect with fellow passengers, relax
Day 24Dunedin, New ZealandFarewell your new friends before continuing your trip or heading home



Designed as a sister ship to Scenic Eclipse I, Scenic Eclipse II features enhanced wellness experiences in the Senses Spa and a new Sky Bar and Vitality pool on Deck 10. Scenic Eclipse II offers spacious and elegant suites, an impressive selection of cuisines, and an almost 1:1 crew to guest ratio. This Polar Class 6 rated yacht features state-of-the-art technology including customised stabilisers to provide greater stability, a strengthened hull and forward bow thrusters. GPS Dynamic Positioning assists in maintaining location without dropping anchor onto sensitive seabeds. The Advanced Wastewater Treatment system and highly effective engines reduce emissions, noise and vibrations to minimise the impact on the precious environments we visit.

Day 1 Hobart, Australia

Hobart Fiona - from Mt Wellington

The Tasmanian capital always makes an impression, from the boats bobbing in its pretty harbour to its thought-provoking galleries and produce-driven restaurants. The crew will warmly greet you as you seamlessly board Scenic Eclipse. Settle into your luxurious suite and acquaint yourself with the world-class facilities of your Discovery Yacht. Toast the start of your voyage as you sail away from Australia.

Please book your flight to arrive into Hobart prior to 02:00 PM.

Days 2 – 3 At Sea

Albatross at Sea

Prepare yourself for unparalleled ‘pinch-me’ moments and be exposed to the unpredictability of the region – your expert team will be deciding the course of action in coming days, based on weather conditions. The crew will make every attempt to have many landings and Discovery Excursions as possible, including Zodiac cruising, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and optional helicopter and submersible experiences. Attend regular daily lectures in the ship’s state-of-the-art theatre on topics ranging from ecology to exploration, photography to ornithology.

Day 4 Macquarie Island

Royal Penguins and Southern Elephant Seals Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island is a place that sparks every sense. First smell, then sound… then sight. From a distance, Macquarie’s earth appears to be moving. As Scenic Eclipse approaches you realise that the land is, in fact, heaving – under the weight of millions of penguins.

Subject to permits, you will get to see this spectacle of epic proportions, an extraordinary landscape hosting one of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the Southern Ocean. You may witness countless tuxedoed, bushy eyebrowed and golden crowned penguins – king, rockhopper, gentoo and the endemic royal. Or they may you may greet guests who step ashore with squarks and squeaks. Occasionally one flops down for ice surfing, paddling on its belly like a torpedo-shaped toboggan. The youngsters, fluffy, impossibly cute, have the gleeful look of children allowed to stay up past their bedtime for a grown-up gathering.

You’re likely to see leopard seals that patrol the waters, southern elephant seals that peek from tussocked dunes, and sooty albatrosses that circle overhead.

Days 5 – 6 At Sea

Albatross at Sea

Ease back into your ultra-luxury suite and surrounds for a few days at sea. This might be the day you sleep in, conserving energy for the activities ahead, then spend lazy hours relaxing in your suite. Unpack and take a steam shower using your suite’s ultra-luxury amenities, perhaps. Curl up with a birding book in your reading alcove, getting acquainted with the creatures you’ll soon spot, followed by an enrichment lecture on glaciology. Join the ship’s sommelier for a wine tasting. Or simply open your suite door and feel the rush of nature as you make your way toward the world’s southernmost continent.

Days 7 – 8 Balleny Islands

Whale, Antarctica

Almost completely mantled by ice, Young Island is the northernmost island in the Balleny archipelago, a 160-kilometre-long chain of volcanic islands (some of them still active) that is a delightful surprise and completely different to the rest of the Antarctic landscape.

The Balleny Islands are remote and ravishing, their location straddling the Antarctic Circle leaving them heavily glaciated. Landings aren’t permitted, but in favourable weather conditions you may have the chance to explore by Zodiac for a front-row seat to one of the greatest convergences of wildlife in the world.

Humpbacks, fin and minke whales may put on a show while we are nearby, breaching and blowing and slapping their tails. Crabeater, Weddell, elephant and leopard seals loll about, sunbaking between swims. And Adélie and chinstrap penguins march and squark, creating a cacophony that is strangely melodic.

At the other end of the chain, Sturge is the southernmost island in the Balleny archipelago. Pull out your binoculars or head for the telescopes in the Observation Lounge, because this particular slip of land has been declared and Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International.

Twitchers will rejoice at spotting the enormous breeding colonies of southern fulmers and snow petrels, which set up base on the ice-free cliffs along the western and northern coasts. Trust your expert Discovery Team for insights about the region and its rich birdlife.

Days 9 – 17 Antarctica’s Ross Sea Region

zodiac antarctica resize

As you enter the Ross Sea, as wandering albatross are a common sight – icebergs will begin to pop up around you as well. The pristine, nutrient-rich ocean Scenic Eclipse now navigates is also popular among orcas, seals, penguins and whales.

Some of the most famous Antarctic explorers – Scott, Shackleton, Amundsen and Borchgrevink among them – used the Ross Sea as a gateway on their quest to the South Pole.

Because of the unpredictable ice and weather patterns, your days here unfold as the Captain and your Discovery Team receive condition reports.

Perhaps it’s time to brave the Polar Plunge. Pull on your swimsuit, throw off your robe and jump into the near-freezing Southern Ocean with flair – the more dramatic, the better.

A row of largely snow-free valleys, the McMurdo Dry Valleys of Ross Island comprise one of the world’s most extreme deserts, replete with saline Lake Vida and the Onyx River, a meltwater stream and Antarctica’s longest river.

All jagged cliffs and ink-black escarpments backed by the towering Admiralty Mountains, the Adare Peninsula is a postcard of natural drama. Much of the spectacle comes courtesy of the 250,000 breeding pairs of Adélie penguins – the largest colony in Antarctica – that call the region home, making it one of the most jaw-dropping sights of your journey. Which is saying something.

The Bay of Whales, a former indentation in the Ross Ice Shelf, deserves the name that Shackleton gave it – the waters here are a magnet for migrating whales.

Days 18 – 23 At Sea

At Sea

The past weeks have delivered an abundance of emotions and active explorations – today could be the day for some downtime. The remarkable sights of the world’s southernmost continent take a while to digest. Sometimes, quiet contemplation is the best way to do that – perhaps editing images, writing in your journal, marking highlights on a map. At other times, being with others who appreciate your emotions is ideal. Join your fellow guests in one of the up to ten restaurants, nine bars and lounges, or while relaxing in the Observatory Lounge & Library. Relive every moment that sparked joy over the last three weeks, looking forward to sharing these once-in-a-lifetime memories with your loved ones at home.

Day 24 Dunedin, New Zealand


Your voyage ends in Dunedin – knowing there’s still nothing between you and Antarctica but swathes of icy ocean. After breakfast, it’s time to bid farewell to your intrepid new friends and your incredible Scenic Eclipse crew, who have made your voyage so remarkable.

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