Ocean Endeavour


Introduction to the Ocean Endeavour

Ocean Endeavour is a comfortable, well-appointed expedition ship with a range of en-suite cabins catering for a maximum of 199 guests. She is ice-strengthened and equipped with a fleet of Zodiacs for exploration and remote landings, generous deck space and advanced navigation equipment. The ship offers a superb guest experience with a nautical lounge, two restaurants, sundeck, and plenty of deck space for observation of polar landscapes, and lounges for learning and reflection. Endeavour is focused on health and wellness. From the newly-built saunas, to the pool, gym, hot tub and wellness café with a juice bar, the ship will offer guests on-board services and amenities that will enhance your Polar expedition experience.

Ocean Endeavour



Ocean Endeavour Special Offer:

Save up to 20% on selected Ocean Endeavour cruises. Offer excludes triple cabins. Valid on new bookings made by 16 March 2020.  Discount applies to voyage only. The promotion may change or be discontinued at any time.

Prices are in AUD$ per person twin share (triple share in triple cabins)

Cruise ItineraryStart DateEnd DateDaysStarts/EndsTripleInside SingleTwin PortholeTwin WindowUpper DecksTwin Porthole SuitesSuperiorTop Deck DoubleTwin Window SuitesJunior SuiteOwner's SuiteTransfer Package
Antarctic Explorer7 Jan 2017 Jan 2011Buenos Aires $10,700$19,600$16,200$17,100$17,900$18,600$19,300$20,000$20,900$21,800$22,700$1,400
Special Offer$10,700$14,700$12,150$12,825$13,425$13,950$14,475$15,000$15,675$16,350$17,025$1,400
Crossing the Antarctic Circle16 Jan 2029 Jan 2014Buenos Aires $12,900$23,100$19,200$19,900$20,600$21,500$22,500$23,800$25,000$26,300$27,600$1,400
Special Offer$12,900$17,325$14,400$14,925$15,450$16,125$16,875$17,850$18,750$19,725$20,700$1400
Antarctic Explorer28 Jan 207 Feb 2011Buenos Aires $10,700$19,600$16,200$17,100$17,900$18,600$19,300$20,000$20,900$21,800$22,700$1,400
Antarctic Explorer6 Feb 2016 Feb 2011Buenos Aires On RequestLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedOn Request$25,590$26,990$28,390On Request$1,400
Special OfferOn RequestLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedLimitedOn Request$19,193$20,243$21,293On Request$1,400
Crossing the Antarctic Circle via Falklands and South Georgia 15 Feb 208 Mar 2023Buenos Aires $21,900$39,200$32,600$33,900$35,400$36,700$38,400$39,900$41,700$43,600$45,300$1,400
Special Offer$21,900$19,600$16,300$16,950$17,700$18,350$19,200$19,950$20,850$21,800$22,650
Antarctic Explorer7 Mar 2017 Mar 2011Buenos Aires $10,100$18,100$15,100$15,700$16,200$17,000$17,700$18,700$19,800$20,800$21,800$1,400
Special Offer$10,100$11,765$9,815$10,205$10,530$11,050$11,505$12,155$12,870$13,520$14,170$1,400


For more information on the voyages we offer, call 1300 668 112 or email contact@antarcticatravelcentre.com.au


Kayaking Antarctica

Kayaking (From AU$1,410)

Explore the shores of Antarctica onboard a kayak. Glide past ice formations, penguin colonies and marine wildlife. You will be in groups of up to 12 with an experienced kayak guide who will take you to interesting locations, many that can only able to be reached by kayaks.
Available on all voyages.

Camping Antarctica

Camping (From AU$420)

Experience complete silence and 24 hours of daylight camping on Antarctica. The ship is equipped with all the equipment all you need to bring along is a sense of adventure. This activity is subject to weather conditions.
Available on voyages: 5 Nov, 2, 11 Dec 2019 and 7, 16 Jan 2020.

Stand Up Paddleboarding Antarctica

Stand Up Paddle Boarding (From AU$420)

Part surfing, part paddling, paddle boarding is a total thrill for guests who want to experience Antarctica from this vantage point. Glide across the water past icebergs and wildlife. This is an incredibly unique way to see Antarctica.
Available on voyages: 7, 16, 28 Jan 2020, 6, 15 Feb and 7 Mar 2020.

Paddling Adventure Quark ONLY_21A7252_Nicky Souness

Paddling (From AU$420)

Sign up for a guided, one-time, one-hour paddle on our sit-on-top kayaks. Stable and unencumbered, they are perfect for anyone with little to no kayaking experience.
Available on all voyages.

Quark cross country skiing resized

Cross-Country Skiing (From AU$810)

Discover Antarctica the same way early explorers did. Up until the first week of January when the snow begins to melt, you can enjoy cross-country skiing.
Available on voyages: 5, 14 Nov, 2, 11, 20 Dec 2019.

Quark Mountaineering resized

Mountaineering (From AU$810)

Experience an adrenaline rush first-hand with a full-day, guided climbing excursion designed with the more adventurous in mind.
Available on voyages: 5, 14 Nov, 2, 11, 20 Dec 2019.


Prices are in AU$ per person twin share (triple share in triple cabins). Prices are converted from USD and are therefore subject to currency fluctuations. Please contact us for exact pricing.

Falkland Islands Discovery27 Oct 205 Nov 2010Buenos Aires / Ushuaia$7,130$6,557$7,129$8,414$9,129$9,843$10,129$11,415$12,843$14,272
Discover Antarctica 04 Nov 2014 Nov 2011Ushuaia$11,390 Sold Out$7,090 Sold Out$11,390$10,918$12,130$11,775$12,848$13,920$14,989$21,415 Sold Out
Discover Antarctica 13 Nov 2023 Nov 2011Ushuaia$11,390 Sold Out$7,090 Sold Out$11,390 Sold Out$10,918$12,130$11,775$12,848$13,920$14,989$16,059
Discover Antarctica 22 Nov 2002 Dec 2011Ushuaia$11,390 Sold Out$7,090 Sold Out$11,390$10,918$12,130$11,775$12,848$13,920$14,989$16,061
Discover Antarctica 01 Dec 2011 Dec 2011Ushuaia$11,995$7,985 Sold Out$11,995 Sold Out$11,645$12,861$12,416$13,489$14,561$15,634$16,703
Discover Antarctica 10 Dec 2019 Dec 2010Ushuaia$11,390$7,090 Sold Out$11,390$10,918$12,130$11,775$12,848$13,920$14,989$16,061
Christmas in Antarctica18 Dec 2028 Dec 2011Ushuaia$14,190$8,490 Sold Out$14,190$13,345$14,561$13,920$14,989$16,061$17,134$18,203
New Year in Antarctica27 Dec 2006 Jan 2111Ushuaia$14,190$8,490 Sold Out$14,190 Sold Out$15,700 Sold Out$17,130 Sold Out$14,848$15,988$17,132$18,276$19,416
Journey to the Circle05 Jan 2118 Jan 2114Ushuaia$15,495 Sold Out$10,995 Sold Out$15,495 Sold Out$17,130$18,560 Sold Out$15,908$17,132$18,276$18,276 Sold Out$25,700 Sold Out
Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Explorer 17 Jan 216 Feb 2121Ushuaia$23,995 Sold Out$19,495 Sold Out$23,995$25,700$27,130 Sold Out$22,848$29,985 Sold Out$31,415 Sold Out$32,845 Sold Out$34,270 Sold Out
Discover Antarctica 5 Feb 2115 Feb 2111Ushuaia$13,995$9,985 Sold Out$13,995 Sold Out$15,700$17,130$18,560$19,985$21,415$22,845$24,270
Discover Antarctica 14 Feb 2124 Feb 2111Ushuaia$13,490 Sold Out$9,190 Sold Out$13,490$14,985$16,415$17,845$19,270$20,700$22,130$23,560
Antarctic Whale Journey23 Feb 214 Mar 2110Ushuaia$11,390$7,090 Sold Out$11,390 Sold Out$12,845 Sold Out$12,130$11,775$12,848$13,920$14,989$16,061
Antarctic Whale Journey3 Mar 2112 Mar 2110Ushuaia$11,390$7,090$11,390 Sold Out$12,845$14,270$12,560$13,704$14,848$15,988$17,130
Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Odyssey11 Mar 2131 Mar 2121Ushuaia / Puerto Madryn$20,995 Sold Out$17,995 Sold Out$20,995 Sold Out$22,845 Sold Out$24,270$20,560$21,704$22,848$29,985 Sold Out$31,415 Sold Out

Please Note: The 2020-21 season will be operated by Peregrine Adventures.

Ocean Endeavour Cabins

Owners Suite Ocean Endeavour

Approximately 30 sq. m, the Owner’s Suite on Deck 7 features two large bow-facing windows, one double bed, separate living area and private bathroom with tub.

Approximately 30 sq. m, a Junior Suite on Decks 5 and 7 features a window, one double bed, a pull out sofa bed and private bathroom. Cabins 7000 and 7002 have bathtubs; other Junior Suites have showers.

Approximately 18-20 sq. m, a Twin Window Suite (2) on Deck 5 is twice the size of a Twin Window, with two bathrooms. It features two single beds, a separate living area with a pull out sofa bed, two windows, and two private bathrooms.

Approximately 14.5 sq. m, a Top Deck Double on Deck 8 features two large windows (one window with partial obstruction), one double bed and a private bathroom.

Superior Ocean Endeavour

Approximately 19 sq. m, a Superior cabins features a large window, and a private bathroom. On Deck 5, Superior cabins have two lower beds and a pull out sofa bed. On Deck 7, Superiors feature one double bed and a sofa. Cabin 7018 has a bathtub; other Superiors have showers.

Twin Porthole Suite

Approximately 18-20 sq. m, a Twin Porthole Suite on Deck 4 is twice the size of a Twin Porthole, with two bathrooms. It features two single beds, a separate living area with a pull out sofa bed, two porthole windows, and two private bathrooms.

Upper Deck

Approximately 13 sq. m, an Upper Deck cabin features a window (obstructed view), and private bathroom. On Deck 7, Upper Deck cabins are outfitted with two lower beds. On Deck 8, these cabins offer one double bed.

Twin Window

Approximately 9-10 sq. m, a Twin Window on Deck 5 features a window, two lower beds and private bathroom.

Twin Porthole

Approximately 9-10 sq. m, a Twin Porthole on Deck 4 features a porthole window, two lower beds and a private bathroom. Cabins 4060, 4062, and 4064 have one lower and one upper bed and a private bathroom.

Ocean Endeavour Single

Approximately 9-10 sq. m, a Single on Deck 5 is an interior cabin with a lower bed and a private bathroom.

Approximately 20 sq. m, a Triple on Deck 4 is an interior cabin with three lower beds, and two private bathrooms. Cabin 4100 has four lower single beds and one private bathroom with a separate shower room.

Deck Plan

Ocean Endeavour Deck Plan Chimu

Ship Details

Dining room
Lecture theatre
Observation decks
Heated outdoor pool
Medical Clinic


Ocean Endeavour itineraries have a transfer package (AU$1,410) which includes:
One night’s hotel accommodation on day 1 of the itinerary in Buenos Aires with breakfast (Note: The number of guests per room is the same as cabin occupancy on the ship. Due to limited availability, travelers who reserve a suite on board are accommodated in standard rooms at the hotel. Triple rooms may not be available.)
• Group transfer from hotel to airport in Buenos Aires
• Group flight departing from Buenos Aires’ domestic airport (Aeroparque/AEP) to Ushuaia, and returning to Buenos Aires’ international airport (Ezeiza/EZE)
• Group transfer from Ushuaia airport to the ship, and return (Note: Transfer on arrival in Buenos Aires from airport to hotel at the beginning of the journey is not included. Please make your way to the included hotel.)
• Combined airport transfer and express bus tour of Tierra del Fuego National Park after disembarkation in Ushuaia

All Ocean Endeavour voyages include:
Rubber boots to borrow for shore landings for the time of the cruise
Expedition parka to keep
Digital Voyage Log

Ocean Endeavour

Staff and Crew: 124

Guests: 199

Dimensions: Length: 137m Breadth: 11m Draft: 5.6m

Speed: 15 knots maximum

Operator: Quark (2019-20), Peregrine (2020-21)

Lifeboats: 6 Fully Enclosed

Ice Class: 1B

Propulsion: 2 x Skoda Sulzer Engines, 4,355 horsepower per engine

Built: 1982 (Refurbished 2016)

We will tailor the perfect holiday to suit your needs.
We will tailor the perfect holiday to suit your needs.