Emperor Cinzia

Emperor Cinzia

Cinzia Mucciante – Antarctica Travel Centre

Emperor Penguin, Hero

Emperor penguin colony near Snow Hill Island – Weddell Sea Antarctica

In November 2023 Cinzia was offered the opportunity of a lifetime – and If you’ll excuse me indulging in a little history; the opportunity was courtesy of a past South America Travel Centre team member – Alana (after 7 years with us Alana found work with Quark Expeditions after a Covid enforced lay off).  Alana won Quark’s sales person of the year award and could invite anyone to join her on a trip to see the Emperor penguins at Snow Hill Island in the Weddell Sea onboard the Ultramarine.  Alana chose to invite Cinzia; in part to say thanks for her 7 years with us – we were all very gratified that Alana would think of us.

Cinzia at Snow Hill Island Emperor Penguins Colony

Emperor chicks

Snow Hill Emperor trips a quite different to Antarctica Peninsula voyages; as the single-minded goal is to get to the Emperor Penguin colony based on fast sea-ice near Snow Hill.  To access the colony helicopters (and appropriate weather conditions) are required.  There is always a risk that despite all efforts the Emperor colony will remain out of reach…

After two days of waiting (hoping) it was time to board the helicopters.  Cinzia’s three stand-outs from the trip:

  1. The helicopter flight to and from the colony. Cinzia recounted ‘it was almost an unworldly experience, so remote, so isolated and so beautiful’.

Helicopter flight from the Ultramarine to a safe landing place far enough from the colony not to cause disturbance

South Shetland Islands

2.       ‘Visiting the Emperor Colony simply makes you smile.  The penguins are so inquisitive and the chicks show no fear and want to examine us – just magical’.

Celebrating friendship and making it to the Emperor colony

3.       The extreme professionalism of the Ultramarine’s team (the cabin was pretty nice too)

Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins have an incredible journey to raise a chick.

Ultramarine’s next Emperor Penguin voyage is at the start of the 2025/26 season.

Emperor Penguin Quest: Expedition to Snow Hill 15 November 2025.

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