What’s to see in Stanley

What’s to see in Stanley?

Anna Small – Antarctica Travel Centre

Gypsy Cove Penguin

Local at Gypsy Cove

Port Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands, is a common stop for polar cruises visiting the Falklands and South Georgia on their way to or from Antarctica. Some cruises now even start or finish in Stanley, with passengers connecting with mainland South America via a flight between Stanley and Santiago, Chile.

Recently I was lucky enough to visit as part of an incredible cruise experience on the Ocean Adventurer, and found a town that offers great landscapes and insights into the life of Falkland Islanders.

Here are five Stanley experiences to enjoy during your visit:

1. The sheer Britishness of it all
It’s one thing to know that the Falklands is a British territory, but quite another to arrive somewhere so remote and see traditional red phone boxes, pricing in pounds, and houses that would be quite at home on the BBC’s Escape to the Country.

Red houses Stanley island

Common Stanley architecture

2. Lunch at the pub
Not surprisingly for somewhere that’s so British, Stanley has more than its fair share of pubs. Pick one to pop into for lunch and enjoy a great fish and chips, or perhaps an Indian curry, while sipping an Iron Lady from the Falklands Beerworks.

Stanley Fish and Chips

3. Local stories
Don’t miss the fantastic Falkland Islands Museum, with modern and engaging exhibits exploring everyday life in the Falklands, from the 1800s through to the present day. Stories include shipwrecks in the region, life in the rural areas outside of Stanley, Antarctic connections, and a moving presentation of memories about the 1982 war with Argentina from Islanders who were children at the time of the conflict.


4. Sea views
Head over to Gypsy Cove, just a short drive from town, and stroll the cliff-top path while enjoying views down to what seems like the perfect tropical beach. The rocky cliffs and aqua sea are beautiful, but the unique story of the Falklands reveals itself in the Magellanic penguins waddling through the scene, as well as the fences blocking beach access and warning of possible land mines.

Gypsy Cove

Gypsy Cove

5. OK, maybe a bit of shopping
There are plenty of souvenirs available to snap up, but one that also gives an insight into local life is the Penguin News, the local weekly newspaper. Articles cover politics as well as local news, and seeing what time the archery club meets or looking through the job vacancies lets you imagine what it’s like to live in this remote place. Check out this week’s news here.

British Phone Box Stanley

Contact us today so you can grab yourself a copy of the Penguin News!
To find out what else is available in Stanley and the Falkland Islands or to enquire about an Antarctica cruise which also visits Stanley, call 1300 784 794 or email contact@antarcticatravelcentre.com.au


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