Day PlaceHighlights
Day 1UshuaiaEmbark on the Ocean Victory
Day 2At SeaApproaching Falkland Islands
Days 3 & 4Port Stanley and Falkland Islands Visit the town of Stanley and make landings at some of the Falklands important wildlife spots
Days 5 & 6At SeaApproaching South Georgia
Days 7 - 10South GeorgiaSuch diversity of wildlife, King Penguins, Antarctic fur seals, southern elephant seals, South Georgia Pippits, Pintail Ducks, petrels, albatross and shags
Day 11At SeaApproaching South Sandwich Island
Days 12 - 14South Sandwich IslandThis string of active volcanoes is one of the most remote and seldom visited parts of the South Atlantic
Days 15 & 16At Sea Approaching Antarctica
Days 17 - 20Antarctic Sound, Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands Wildlife abounds with leopard, fur, crabeater and Weddell seals common throughout the peninsula; humpback whales come to feed in the rich waters of the Gerlache Strait
Days 21 & 22At Sea Crossing the Drake PassageSea days a time to reflect, enjoy a variety of activities onboard and relax whilst returning to Ushuaia
Day 23Ushuaia Disembarkation and farewell crew and fellow voyagers


Ocean Victory
Ocean Victory

Ocean Victory commenced voyages November 2021 and was established as one of the most modern small ship vessels in the market.

This stylish cruise ship is ideally suited for our business model of small ship expeditions and is deployed and dedicated to varied Antarctic region voyages.

With a total of 93 comfortable staterooms for our guests, all with a view of the ocean, (and 90% with their own balcony), several restaurants, a wellness area, an Albatros Nordic Bar, an open deck dining facility, a modern lecture lounge, and other amenities, the vessel is also environmentally-friendly onboard, with an implementation of the Green Initiative Program, ensuring both absolute comfort and sustainability for our guests.

Day 1 Ushuaia


Arrive in Ushuaia, Argentina – the world’s southernmost town. Explore the quaint city or local countryside. Alternatively, consider a day trip off the beaten path to the raw, natural archipelago of Tierra del Fuego. It’s a hiker’s paradise with rugged snow-capped mountains, glaciers, flower-filled meadows and boggy quagmires. In the afternoon, board your ship, Ocean Victory

The journey begins as you navigate through the calms of Beagle Channel, a strait in the Tierra del Fuego Archipelago.

Day 2 At Sea, Falkland Islands

Antarctica Cruise from Australia - Falklands, Black Browed Albatross

During our time at sea, a variety of activities will be arranged on board which will provide the perfect opportunity to socialize with your passionate fellow travelers. Enjoy the fascinating lectures by our onboard Expedition Team, visit our shop, or indulge in the vessel’s purpose-built leisure facilities, designed to provide a comfortable, relaxing day whatever you choose to do.

Days 3 & 4 Port Stanley and Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands, West Point Island

As we arrive in the Falkland Islands we will deploy our Zodiacs for the first landing of our voyage, landing in the sparsely inhabited and nature-rich western part of the archipelago.

On the following day we will cast anchor and Zodiac ashore in the sheltered natural harbor of Stanley, a quaint and very British outpost in the south Atlantic. The city is walkable, with colorful houses and cozy pubs lining the streets. This tiny capital has plenty on offer to visitors, from rugged scenery, local history and culture to excellent shopping and locally brewed beers. Wildlife watchers could encounter the endemic flightless steamer duck in the harbour, as well as the delicate dolphin gull, while fur seals are often found snoozing on our landing pier.

Days 5 & 6 At Sea

20181204-1425 anna seals and penguins south georgia

Heading due East, expect the vessel be followed by numerous black-browed albatross and giant petrels. As we cross the Antarctic convergence the quantity of wildlife will increase; a variety of whale and dolphin species and a plethora of seabirds can be expected in these cold nutrient-rich waters. We will pass Shag Rocks on our way to South Georgia where huge flocks of seabirds feed on krill in between large packs of fur seals. Join your onboard Expedition Team to hear about the species and ecology of this unique region.

Days 7 – 10 South Georgia

Elephant Seal with King Penguins, Gold Harbour, South Georgia

The forbidding glacier-clad peaks of South Georgia will be the setting for the next days of our expedition. Lying in the Southern Ocean below the Antarctic convergence, these frigid seas are teeming with life. The island, often referred to as “The Galapagos of the Poles”, can only be reached by ship. There is no permanent human settlement (other than visiting scientists and conservationists), but penguins, seabirds and seals breed in the millions. The difficulty of accessing this remote outposts and the regulations in place to protect the delicate environment makes South Georgia one of the least-visited tourist destinations in the world. Once a global whaling capital, today the island has been left to recover from human over-exploitation, and intensive conservation efforts have resulted in dramatic increases in whale, and bird populations. The itinerary and activities over the next couple of days are largely dependent on the weather and the sea conditions, which dictate all aspects of life here; your onboard team will work hard to ensure you can experience the best of South Georgia’s unparalleled nature.

Day 11 At Sea

Bird at Sea

Leaving the jagged peaks of South Georgie behind, we venture further East towards the South Sandwich Islands, the least visited part of the British Overseas Territory of South Georgia. While these remote seas can be rough, the unique backward sloping bow of Ocean Albatros and her efficient stabilizers reduces vibration and wave action, ensuring a comfortable crossing. En route to the next set of remote islands, you will have plenty of time to edit your photos of the wildlife and stunning landscapes from the first half of the voyage. Our onboard photographer will offer you help, tips and tricks to improve your picture taking and editing skills. Guests can attend high quality lectures on geology, meteorology, ornithology, marine mammals as well as the exploration history of the Southern Ocean. From the upper decks you can study the albatrosses, petrels and shearwaters taking advantage of the ship to hunt for food in the vast emptiness of the South Atlantic.

Days 12 – 14  South Sandwich Island


Arriving at the South Sandwich Islands, we are now truly off the edge of the map. This string of active volcanoes is one of the most remote and seldom visited parts of the South Atlantic, some islands going years between visits by ships of any type. The South Sandwich Islands are exposed to the raw fury of the Southern Ocean, and wind, sea and ice conditions will dictate the exact itinerary of our time in these islands.

The South Sandwich Islands exist at the edge of the tectonic plate underlying the Drake Passage; here, Earth’s surface crumples, producing this string of active volcanos, punching out of the ocean in an arc. Plumes of ash and smoke are commonly seen from these boiling rocks, and the ash-striated glaciers and tortured rocks of the volcanoes form the backdrop to our days exploring.

Days 15 & 16 At Sea

Crossing the Drake

Leaving the South Sandwich Islands behind we will cross the 60th parallel south, signaling our departure from British Overseas Territories and into the jurisdiction of the Antarctic Treaty. While we have been in the Antarctic region for several days, we now enter true Antarctic waters. Expect to see brutal steel-grey seas, soaring giant petrels, and vast icebergs studding the sea on our journey to the Antarctic Peninsula. During our time at sea, a variety of activities will be arranged on board, providing the perfect opportunity to socialize with fellow travelers. As the white shimmer of Antarctica looms on our horizon, the volume of wildlife will increase tenfold with lively penguins, inquisitive seals, and the plumes of whales inviting us on towards the ice.

Days 17 – 20 Antarctic Sound, Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands

Ice formation Antarctica

Over the coming days, begin the exciting Antarctic experience at the very tip of the Continent. During these days in the Antarctic Sound, named in 1902 after the Swedish vessel Antarctic, the Captain and the Expedition Team will keep a watchful eye on the mighty tabular icebergs, born from the floating Larsen Ice Shelf further south. Aim to have both continental and island landings on the shores of Antarctic Sound, always on the lookout for some of the unusually large penguin colonies, which have recently been observed.

Zodiac cruise in Paradise Bay, hike over the active glaciers of Neko Harbour. Experience the Antarctica of old at historic huts, ship cruise through the Lemaire Channel.

The itinerary and activities over the next few days depend on weather and ice conditions. The route and shore landings will be determined by the Captain and Expedition Leader and communicated to the guests through regularly scheduled briefings.

Days 21 & 22 At Sea

Wandering Albatross at sea

Today, we depart Antarctica and spend two days at sea on our way back to the calmer waters of the Beagle Channel and Ushuaia, Argentina. Enroute, we will cross the Drake Passage and cruise past Cape Horn, a legendary maritime landmark and the southern tip of South America. During our time at sea, a variety of activities will be arranged on board providing the perfect opportunity to dwell on some of the fantastic moments we have witnessed during this exceptional voyage.

Day 23 Ushuaia

Ushuaia Port, Argentina

On the morning of the final day of your voyage, arrive back at the pier of Ushuaia. Trees, grass and a busy city may seem strange to you after the white wilderness of Antarctica! After a hearty breakfast, it is time to bid a fond farewell to the Crew and Albatros Expedition Team, and descend the gangway back to dry land with memories of the voyage of a lifetime.

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