Book Review – My Penguin Year

Book Review: My Penguin Year

Alex Burridge – Managing Director – Antarctica Travel Centre

My Penguin Year - Lindsay Mcrae

For most, the idea of visiting Antarctica is something that many only dream of and if the opportunity arises it is likely that it is on a cruise ship. Not for Lindsay McRae. For him, his chance presented itself in the opportunity to live at the German research station, Neumayer-Station III, located on the Ekström Ice Shelf – for 11 months.

Employed for David Attenborough’s BBC series Dynasties, McRae endured some incredible extremes both personally and environmentally to spend one year living with one of the most magnificent and fascinating species, Emperor Penguins; in one of, if not the, harshest place on earth.

Emperor Penguins, Snow Hill

With an extensive background as a talented wildlife photographer, Lindsay McRae never had the opportunity to be able to spend so long with a singular species so he jumped at the prospect to experience living in close quarters to one of the most bewildering birds on the planet. However, it did not come without sacrifice as he had to leave behind his loved ones and be away from the comforts of his own home and any sense of normality for 337 days. The award-winning camera man intimately followed the journey of 11,000 emperor penguins as they returned to their breeding grounds to create new life and introduce their offspring safely into their frozen world.

Emperor Penguin with Chick

My Penguin Year is a beautiful, eloquent recollection of McRae’s year spent with the Emperor’s and how they taught him valuable lessons about his own life. As someone who has visited the colony at Snow Hill Island, I can attest to the birds’ ability to take your breath away and fascinate your souls every being. Seeing a colony of these birds in real life is a remarkable experience that few people get to experience. I cannot recommend reading My Penguin Year enough as it will fuel your love for these special creatures and ignite your own dream of travelling to the White Continent.

Emperor Penguins

The below voyages are focused on seeing Emperor Penguins in their natural habitat (cannot be guaranteed) and rewarding you with witnessing the leaders of the penguin world, the Emperor’s.

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