Anna Small

Polar Specialist

Anna South Georgia

Heading south was one of the most amazing travel experiences I’ve had. My biggest surprise was the Falkland Islands – so many different penguin species to see (rockhoppers are my favourite!), as well as beautiful landscapes and local stories from intrepid Falklanders. And a sunny day at St Andrews Bay on South Georgia, standing among thousands of king penguins and their tweeting chicks? Magic.

Places Visited

Falkland Islands: West Point Island, Saunders Island, Steeple Jason, Carcass Island, Stanley, Gypsy Cove

South Georgia: King Haakon Bay, Peggoty Bluff, Elsehul, Salisbury Plain, St Andrews Bay, Fortuna Bay, Stromness, Godthul, Grytviken, Gold Harbour, Cooper Bay, Drygalski Fjord

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